What is DAO Wow?
DAO Wow is a DAO search engine that allows you to search for DAOs and proposals. You can also follow your favorite DAOs and receive notifications via email or Discord when proposals are created and when voting starts and ends.
Where does the data powering DAO Wow search engine come from?
Currently, DAO Wow pulls its data from Snapshot.
What filters can I use for my searches?
You can filter your search by specific DAOs, proposal status, and voting type. You can access the filters below the search bar after typing a search term.
How do I follow/unfollow a DAO?
In order to follow/unfollow a DAO you will need to sign in with Metamask or Wallet Connect. After signing in search for your DAO and click follow. After clicking follow you should see the DAO appear in the “My DAOs” section on the left side of the app.
How do I set up notifications?
Setting up notifications is easy! You will first need to sign in with Metamask or Wallet Connect in order to receive notifications.
Next, click on notifications and pick email and/or discord notifications.
  • For email notifications:
    1. Enter your email address and click save preferences
    2. You’ll receive an email asking you to validate your email address.
    3. Click validate me and you are all set to receive notifications via email
  • For Discord notifications:
    1. To get notifications on Discord, you’ll need to make sure you have a server set up so you can get the webhook.
    2. Set up your server
    3. Get your webhook for the channel
    4. Learn more about Discord notifications
Can I still follow a DAO and receive notifications if I’m not signed in?
Nope! You must be signed in to DAO Wow with Metamask or Wallet Connect to access notifications and follow a DAO. You can still experience the full power of search!
When/how often will I receive notifications?
You will receive notifications whenever a new proposal is created and/or when voting starts and ends for the DAO(s) you follow.
Where should I go if I have feedback or need help with something?
Pop in our Discord — we’d love to help you out with any questions and hear your feedback.

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